Unlock the city
with Traipse

Explore streetscapes, historic landmarks, and locally-owned businesses while challenging your brain with fun puzzles and clues.

traipse /trāps/ verb: to walk around casually without a specific direction, especially for pleasure.


Take your brain for a walk

Traipse leads you on a themed tour of a historic business district, stopping along the way to learn interesting facts and complete riddles, brain-teasers, and other puzzles based on your surroundings.


Unlock the city

Traipse stops include local businesses, where if you are able to crack the code you may be rewarded with a discount or free sample!


Traipse anytime
with anyone

Use Traipse for a date night, bar crawl, shopping day, foodie adventure, kid-friendly activity, or history-themed team building exercise. Compete with or against friends to earn the highest Traipse scores!

Coming this fall to Abingdon, VA!

In addition to our home city of Staunton, intrepid explorers will soon be able to experience Traipse in the historic town of Abingdon. Check back for updates on the launch date.

More locales to come! Contact us to get Traipse in your city.

Traipse Partners

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Traipse Staunton Leaderboard

Traipse scores are calculated by adding points for completed stops and the bonus puzzle, and subtracting for hints taken.