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Shaw Open House

Saturday, October 20, 1 - 5 p.m.

Shaw Open House is a celebration of the Washington, D.C. neighborhood and invites the entire city to visit Shaw and learn about the unique bars, restaurants and places to live, work, shop, pray and play.

Download the FREE Traipse app to use as your guide as you travel from merchant to merchant, trying free samples, receiving free gifts, and participating in promotional activities. Also, use Traipse to participate in the Shaw DC Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win fabulous prizes at the closing party.

Download the Traipse app before you go!

  • Passport Tour
    The Passport Tour will guide you to the businesses participating in the Open House. When you arrive at a stop, the stop's challenge question will unlock within the app. You must find the flyer with the keyword physcially at the business and enter that as your answer. Answer the challenge questions for eight stops and the Bonus Challenge will unlock. After you've answered the Bonus Challenge, you will be given a link to the entry form for the prize drawing being held at the closing party. You MUST fill out that online form to be entered into the drawing.
  • Puzzle Art Scavenger Hunt
    On this scavenger hunt, we're asking you to find eight pieces of public art throughout Shaw When you're near one of them, its challenge question will unlock. Complete the challenge question to prove you were there. Answer the challenge question for all eight pieces of public art and you'll unlock the Bonus Challenge. The Bonus Challenge will reveal the link to the entry form for the prize drawing being held at the closing party. You MUST complete the online form to enter the drawing.
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