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Explore Shenandoah County!

We've teamed up with the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce to highlight small businesses as part of the 18th Annual Route 11 Yard Crawl!

This scavenger hunt will be hosted in the free Traipse app which you can download using one of the buttons below.


Instructions for playing:


  • Within the app, if it doesn't open automatically, load the "Shenandoah County, Va." area, select it from the "Traipsing Around In" menu at the top right of the app's screen.

  • Tap "Open this Area" and then "18th Annual Route 11 Yard Crawl" from the list of tours.

  • You will need to create an account so the app can save your progress. Tap "Log in to start" and then "Signup" at the top right.

  • Once you've signed in, or created a new account, the app will bring you back to the Yard Crawl. Tap "Start the Journey" to begin!

  • You can visit these businesses in any order. Tap on a pin on the map (or access a list by tapping the arrow at the top left of the screen).

  • After you're physically at the business, the gray "Visit here for a challenge" button will turn red. Tap on it. Find the Yard Crawl flyer hidden somewhere in the business and enter its special keyword as your answer to that stop's challenge.

  • Complete the challenges for at least 5 businesses AND complete the tour's Bonus Challenge to win a Yard Crawl shirt!

Feel free to email us with any questions.

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