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Announcing a new tour of African-American heritage sites in Staunton and Augusta County, Virginia.

Explore a new, family-friendly interactive trail of sites important to African-American history in Staunton and surrounding Augusta County, Virginia. The result of support from the American Evolution™ 2019 Commemoration this remarkable trail will take explorers to sites that are relevant to African-Americans’ entry to the area as slaves in the 1600’s, onward to the Civil Rights Era of the 1950’s and 60’s, and more.

The trail uses the free Traipse smartphone app which allows you to explore at your leisure, it keeps you active with site-specific challenges, and engages your curiosity with extra, curated resources about each location.

The trail is now available in the Traipse app! 


- Read the press release.

- If there's a site in Augusta County relevant to African-American heritage that you'd like to see added to the trail, please be in touch.

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