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A walking tour of 
the earth, that is sufficient

Traipse and The Welders have teamed up to bring you a special outdoor adventure! 

Explore the work created during the earth, that is sufficient, an ongoing performance project, while using Traipse's unique, self-guided walking tour app.

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How it works and other logistical information:

This tour covers a three-mile walk (one way) along the Capital Crescent Trail into Georgetown Waterfront Park. Moving slowly, it will probably take you about an hour and a half (again, one way), including stopping to admire the special the earth, that is sufficient content you unlock as you go. It’s an easy, flat walk with both a gravel and a paved trail to use. It would be a nice bike ride too, though occasionally you'll need to traverse some stairs. In any case, this tour is meant to be enjoyed slowly and doesn't have to be completed in one day.

As you reach each location along the tour, you'll need to answer a question about something you find there. Answer correctly, and you'll unlock special videos and more.


The D5 Bus gets you to Bus Stop #1001654 which is within .5 miles of the Abner Cloud House, the first location. The walk from the bus stop has sidewalks. An advantage of taking public transportation to Abner Cloud House is that it’s easier to grab transportation at the end of the tour, than it is to come all the way back to the beginning (not that the walk isn’t beautiful).

The tour starts at the Abner Cloud House which has ample parking and public restrooms. Bear in mind that if your GPS directions have you going on Reservoir Road, on weekday mornings, parts of that road are one-way.

The tour ends at Georgetown Waterfront Park and there you'll find a lot of those dockless, for-rent electric scooters and bikes. Something to consider for the trip back to Abner Cloud House if you’re not up for the walk.  

We look forward to hearing about your adventure, and seeing you at future events as the earth, that is sufficient continues!

Take your brain for a walk with Traipse.
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