3rd Annual Traipse/WQSV 106.3 Treasure Hunt 

Augusta County, VA

The Treasure Hunt is complete!

This year we had three teams make it to the final, finishing within minutes of each other: The Warner Family, the Cline-Taskey & West duo, and the Hudson crew.

For the third year running, the Warner Family came away with the grand prize for finding the treasure first!

A huge thank you to the Staunton Public Library for hosting our fake book, which was the final location. Also, a giant thank you to our Treasure Hunt partner, 106.3 WQSV Staunton, who broadcast vital clues for hours on end.


Watch a video of how we made the fake book and where we hid it. (Book lovers, avert your eyes.)

September 24 - November 2, 2019


You’ve discovered the battered journal of a pirate named Walt “Landlocked” Walker. The journal tells of Walt’s escapades along the Atlantic. Betrayed by his crew and on the run, Walt disguised himself as a humble apple merchant, and fled to the Shenandoah Valley with the booty he and his crew had amassed over the years. The journal you’re studying is incomplete, however, as crucial pages are missing which would illuminate the ultimate fate of Walt and his treasure. All you have is a rambling set of directions, leading you… where?


Over the course of this year’s treasure hunt you’ll discover clues that are pieces of map directions. Successfully piece those directions together and you’ll be led to a place. Until you discover that location, we wouldn’t recommend actually traveling that route. Good luck!


The treasure hunt starts here:
38.316443, -78.936333

(And no, the treasure isn't there and visiting that location won't reveal anything.)

What is the Treasure Hunt?

The Treasure Hunt is a one-of-a-kind activity that gets Augusta County, VA residents exploring their surroundings, visiting local businesses, listening to community radio, competing to win an amazing prize package, and having fun over a weeks-long period in the fall. Hunt organizers will hide a weather-proof “treasure” packet somewhere on public, safely-accessible land in Augusta County or its encompassed localities. The first eligible person(s) to find this packet will be able to redeem it for the prize package. Clues as to the treasure’s location will be given over the air on 106.3 WQSV Staunton, via completion in the app of Traipse stops at landmarks and local businesses, through social media posts by Hunt organizers and sponsors, and possibly through other means. The clues are rolled out over the course of several weeks.

What will the prize/treasure be?

The prize will be a combination of cash and prizes provided by sponsoring businesses, valued in total at $1000 or greater. Visit this webpage for Full Terms and Conditions along with Official Rules.

How can my business participate in the Treasure Hunt?

Businesses can join in the fun and host a clue for the Treasure Hunt at no cost. Since this Treasure Hunt occurs over a long period of time, seekers who arrive at your business will actually spend time there, rather than dashing in and out like a typical scavenger hunt. We will include your business' logo on this webpage to let seekers know that you're a clue host. For any of these options, or if you have any questions or special requests, please contact Austin Auclair at Austin@Traipse.co. There are a few options/levels of participation: Social Media only. Treasure Hunt organizers assign you a clue, write all the copy and supply any necessary images. You post on your company’s various social media channels. Traipse and WQSV will then tell people they need to visit your social media pages to find the clue. Clue found out in the open at your physical location. Can be as simple as a flyer that Treasure Hunt organizers create, which then sits on your counter (or wherever). Visitors can walk up to find it but have to physically visit. Includes associated social media posts on Traipse and WQSV’s social media channels to let people know your business is hosting a clue. Clue found at your location but an additional puzzle necessary to “unlock it”. This can be as simple as a passphrase the visitor has to give at the register, or a more complex method like Traipse hiding the treasure hunt clue somewhere publicly accessible in your establishment with other clues guiding the way. We're ready to get creative! Includes associated social media posts on Traipse and WQSV’s social media channels to let people know your business is hosting a clue. Be a party of the closing party on October 19. There are multiple ways to be a part of the Treasure Hunt closing party on October 19 (none of which preclude you from also hosting a clue for the main Treasure Hunt). If your business is in downtown Staunton and you are willing to stay open for the duration of the party, we will add you to the mini treasure hunt itinerary for the evening. We will create a special puzzle for party attendees to solve while visiting your establishment. You're welcome to ply them with free samples, gently tease them, or whatever you'd like while they're there. Or, you can have a presence at the party itself by giving out free samples, swag, or contributing to the prize pool for the evening. We hope you’ll take advantage of this easy (and free) opportunity to get your business in front of thousands of Treasure Hunt participants.

The Party

Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 2 p.m. Skipping Rock Beer Co.
(414 Parkersburg Turnpike, Staunton, VA 24401) Puzzles, beer, and the big reveal about who (if anyone) found the treasure first. All are welcome!

How to Play