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Get customers thirsty
with Traipse!

We’re seeking breweries, cideries, distilleries, wineries, and pubs.


Traipse works with local tourism and economic development organizations, and small businesses to create exciting scavenger hunt walking tours in our smartphone app that guides locals and visitors to interesting locations. While on these adventures explorers can earn rewards, discover things about the area they never knew existed, and complete challenges that can only be answered by physically going places.


Through our years creating these experiences, we’ve discovered that people prefer to end their adventure somewhere where they can grab a good beverage and chat about the places they just visited.

Partner with us create an adventure that concludes at your business! We’ll help bring in new customers thirsty for your beverages, and also give them something fun to chat about while they relax.


A package of 6-10 stops in your area:


We'll work with you to identify places for people to visit before they come to your business. (A stop is a fellow small business, piece of public art, historic location, park, or some other location of interest.)

Learn more about what the Traipse app looks like:

Get in touch to learn more, or if you have any questions!

Austin Auclair - - 540.999.1394

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