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Queen City Mischief & Magic Festival

Traipse's magical scavenger hunts are back!

We're returning to Staunton, Virginia's epic Queen City Mischief & Magic festival. 

September 27-29, 2019.

Using the free Traipse app, you'll easily be able to find your way around the festival, as well as take on our wizarding-themed scavenger hunts for prizes.

Save time by downloading the Traipse app in advance using one of the buttons below!


The fun you can have:


The Heist

A burglary of unprecedented scale has occurred at the Staunton Wizarding Bank. Millions of Galleons were stolen, powerful artifacts pilfered, and piles of gems purloined. The greedy thieves, with incredible patience, swiped even the most-dented of Knuts in their raid on the respected financial institution. Worst still, this occurred right before the annual QCMM gathering. 

Your assignment is one of grave importance and comes with a need for utter secrecy. If the wider wizarding community of Staunton learns that their life savings was so easily taken, there would be a panic and the region would suffer debilitating economic disaster. We’re thankful that the Department of Magical Law Enforcement sent you so quickly, one of their finest Aurors of Major Financial Crimes.

Complete "The Heist" Traipse tour and solve the crime for a chance at fabulous festival prizes!

Jewel Recovery
For all their caution, the bank robbers must have had a hole in one of their bags, for now jeweled rings are scattered around Staunton. Keep an eye out for jeweled rings as you explore the city during your investigation.


Some of the rings are "enchanted" and will open the "Box Of Mystery" at the Traipse festival table. Those Aurors who are able to open the box using an enchanted ring will earn a small prize and an entry in our prize drawing.

Daily Prophet Photo-Op

All around the QCMM festival are places where you can take a magical selfie! We've assembled a tour of those locations; complete the tour and earn an entry into our prize drawing.

Marauders Map

A puzzle-free, digital map that'll help you find all the events and places participating in the festival.

See you at the Queen City Magic & Mischief festival!

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