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Having fun in Fredericksburg, Va.!

Discover hidden gems and uncover fascinating history with two new Traipse tours!

With two new Traipse tours in the Virginia city, we're going to have great fun in the year 2021. Even better, Fredericksburg has launched a giant activity where you can earn points for exploring the city, and you can use the Traipse app to earn 150 points for each tour completed!

A city like Fredericksburg, which has been around for 300+ years, has layers upon layers of history. Quite literally in this case, as the downtown area was repeatedly devastated in separate events like multiple raging, city-wide fires, and by the brutal street fighting of the Battle of Fredericksburg in the American Civil War.

Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church with cannonballs still lodged in its front.
This church, for instance, still features two Civil War cannonballs lodged in a pilaster at the front entrance!

Built into that history is modern-day Fredericksburg which hosts a plethora of unique, locally-owned businesses, public art, parks and more. In the Traipse app we have two new tours for you to explore those special sights!

Our new "Hidden Gems" tour takes you around downtown and points out tucked-away history, murals, and cool shops to peruse, all with fun facts about each location.

In 2012, Heritage Media LLC produced a series of videos, "Storefront Stories of Fredericksburg", which tell the history of various storefronts around the city. The videos are a fantastic look into the aforementioned multi-layered history of the downtown area, so for our second new tour, we've set it up so you can watch those videos with the usual Traipse scavenger hunt twist.

Download the free Traipse app and take your brain for a walk!

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