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Restaurant Week in Fredericksburg, VA!

Restaurant Week in Fredericksburg, VA. August 14-23.

We've teamed up with the City of Fredericksburg to host their annual restaurant week in the Traipse app.

August 14–23, 2020, 26 restaurants are offering special dishes and drinks at a discount.

The promotion this year has a Traipse-twist, utilizing the free app's ability to allow folks to keep socially distanced while supporting Fredericksburg's eateries. If you visit at least five restaurants using the Traipse tour, you'll be entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes!

The restaurant industry is hurting right now and this is a great way to help keep locally-owned businesses afloat and keep Fredericksburg residents' jobs secure.

Go take your brain for a walk with the free Traipse app, and enjoy some amazing food and drink specials from Fredericksburg's restaurant scene!

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