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Mini Memorials to Famous Women

Charles Bergen artist call box

Memorials and statues to famous men abound in Washington, D.C., but you can count on one hand the number of those found in the city dedicated to famous women. Artist Charles Bergen, with guidance from historian Mara Cherkasky, has added eight more locations dedicated to notable women.

We’ve assembled them into a tour you can explore in the free Traipse app!

Artist Charles Bergen call boxes dedicated to notable women

Old cast-iron call boxes are a familiar sight in Washington, D.C. Once upon a time, before phones were a household fixture and wireless radios weren’t yet invented, they served as an emergency communication system for fire and police departments. They haven't been used in decades and most have fallen into disrepair.

Artist Charles Bergen has transformed eight call boxes in downtown Washington, D.C. to commemorate notable women in American history. Each call box features a sculpted portrait, a bit of information about that person, as well as iconography about their legacy.

The project was funded by the D.C. Commission on Arts and Humanities and the DowntownDC Business Improvement District.

Bergen worked with historian Mara Cherkasky of Prologue DC to make the hard choice about which eight women to feature, landing on a group with diverse backgrounds and contributions to American history. Interns from Washington, D.C.’s Marion Barry summer youth employment program assisted with the design of the memorials.

Discover all eight with this free Traipse tour and learn more about these remarkable people!

Download the Traipse app and take your brain for a walk!

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