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Cheverly's Little Free Libraries

Amid its generous tree cover and gentle rolling hills, there's a bibliophile paradise.

Cheverly, Maryland is just outside Washington, D.C. and is home to Traipse Director of Creative Content, Austin Auclair, who lives there with his family. Cheverly has an active email exchange where residents share announcements, requests for advice, and other such community communications. A recent thread about the many Little Free Libraries in town resulted in a resident (thanks, Doug Alexander!) providing a list of all their locations. There are few things we here at Traipse can resist less than a list of geographic locations connected by a strong theme.

A Little Free Library of Cheverly

So, there's now a free Traipse scavenger hunt walking tour of all the Little Free Libraries in Cheverly! Download the Traipse app, bring along books to trade-- especially if you have some good kids books-- and tackle some of our puzzles while you're at it.

Some notes about the tour:

  • The way that Traipse tours work is that you select one of the stops and when you get physically close enough to it, a challenge question will unlock. Typically you have to use something found nearby to determine the answer.

  • While you could complete this tour in one epic day, you don't have to. Explore at your own pace. The stops are in an order that makes geographic sense but their challenges can completed in any order.

  • Some of the stops are marked as "Kids". Those are libraries at playgrounds and the like-- if you're an adult you can skip those stops and still be able to complete enough challenges to fully unlock the Bonus Challenge.

  • This is a family-friendly tour and while we made the "Kids" challenges easier, we didn't necessarily hold back when creating the challenges for the rest of the stops. We provide plenty of hints but bring your puzzling brains.

  • Complete the Bonus Challenge to win Traipse swag and/or our admiration!

Download the free Traipse app and take your brain for a walk!

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