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Traipse gets nutty in Suffolk!

Mr. Peanut and Traipse-- a great combination!

Announcing six brand-new tours in Suffolk.

Suffolk, Virginia was already a home to Traipse but now you have even more reasons to schedule a visit immediately. It's a city packed full of small-town charm, eco-adventure, performing and visual arts, history, festivals, boutiques, chef-owned restaurants, recreation, golf, and... peanuts! We've created four new walking tours of downtown Suffolk that will lead you to many of its locally-owned shops, hidden delights, and award-winning restaurants.

One of four tours of downtown Suffolk!

While there's much to love about Suffolk, one of our favorite attractions is the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum. Artfully arranged with fascinating, well-researched artifacts, there's plenty to check out there. Plus, it has a HUGE model railroad that was built with an astounding attention to detail. (you have to find the funeral procession-- it had us cracking up). There's so much to do and see at the museum that we created a tour just for it!

Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum

Home to Planter's Peanuts and adorned with miles of peanut farms, there's no denying the influence of Suffolk's cash crop as you wander the city. The advertising icon, Mr. Peanut, is everywhere! We've also built a special tour that takes you to some notable peanut-themed sights of Suffolk.

When we were brainstorming tour ideas for Suffolk, in our research we came across an article from 1902 printed in a newspaper based out of Richmond called the Times. The article, among various death and crime notices, made mention of a strange beast emerging from the Great Dismal Swamp and repeatedly attacking workers. It's a funny read considering how it's surrounded by otherwise fairly reputable articles.

So, as you complete each piece of that tour you'll unlock a snippet of a fictional adventure story we've written that was inspired by that article.

Get down to Suffolk, start one of these new tours, and take your brain for a walk!

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