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Announcing: The Gray Matter Sodality

The Gray Matter Sodality

After Albert Einstein died, his brain was dissected and studied by scientists determined to discover the roots of the renowned physicist’s immense intelligence. They failed, and pieces of Einstein’s brain were shipped all over the world: some to academic institutions, some to private collections, some to places dark and unknown. The result of an international commission, The Gray Matter Sodality (GMS) was formed to track down, acquire, and re-assemble every piece of Einstein’s brain. We're very excited to announce a brand-new Traipse offering: a monthly communication where we send you a small piece of mail consisting of a puzzle that contributes to the riveting, fictional story of GMS. We look forward to bringing this world into our app through official events in Traipse locations and via real-world missions. Starting at just $15 a month, you (or the lucky recipient of your gift subscription) can become a GMS Inquisitor and join the mission for unification!

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