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The new Blackburn Inn and Thomas Jefferson's Protégé

The Blackburn Inn in Staunton, VA

We've partnered with the new Blackburn Inn in Staunton, Virginia to create three new tours of their beautiful grounds and downtown Staunton. We're particularly excited for the history tour we created of famed architect, Thomas R. Blackburn, who trained under President Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson was known to lament the lack of character in American architecture and a dearth of trained craftsmen in the young nation. “Every half century then our country becomes a tabula rasa, whereon we have to set out anew.”

He endeavored to establish an “American” style and to train a legion of artisans to spread his gospel. Thomas R. Blackburn (1795-1867) began as a rural builder, moved to Albermarle County to work on the construction of the University of Virginia under Jefferson, and went on to a career of designing and constructing significant buildings in the Piedmont and Shenandoah Valleys, including Staunton.

On this history tour we’ll take you around the grounds of one of Blackburn’s largest known projects, which after extensive and careful renovation, is now the Blackburn Inn. We’ll lead you to a few notable features of the grounds and give you more of Blackburn’s history along the way.

We also get you into downtown Staunton with a "Dinner and a Show" tour and a "Romantic Staunton" tour which complement the lovely package specials The Blackburn Inn has created.

If you complete the Bonus Challenge of any of these three tours you also get an exclusive prize, courtesy of The Blackburn Inn!

Check out the new, free tours in our app and be sure to book the Blackburn Inn for your next get-away.

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