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Labyrinth Puzzle Hunt 2019.png

Labyrinth Games & Puzzles in Washington, D.C. and Traipse are back again with another puzzle hunt to celebrate the birthday of the pioneer of recreational mathematics, Martin Gardner! The hunt will start on October 5, 2019, and Phase 1 will send you all around the neighborhood on a puzzling quest using the Traipse app.

Download Traipse:
Labyrinth Puzzle Hunt 2019 Meeple.png

Traipse is a free app for iOS (Apple) and Android devices where users can go on scavenger hunt walking tours. Traipse works with Main Streets and historic business districts to create tours of small businesses and local attractions, building fun puzzles around those places that can only be answered by physically being there. Learn more about Traipse.

Like puzzles? Looking for a gift for someone who's hard to buy for? Check out The Gray Matter Sodality, a subscription where we mail puzzles about retrieving the stolen pieces of Albert Einstein's brain.

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