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Sign up your business for the
Brew Hop!

Are you a brewery, cidery, meadworks, or winery owner?

Be a part of the new state-wide promotion with Traipse, sponsored by
Öl Dominion Beer and Exploration Club; it's free!

  • What is Traipse?

    • Traipse is an application (app) for smartphones and tablets that leads users on a county-wide tour of locally-owned small businesses. It is free to download and use.​

  • What is required of participating business owners?​

    • Using the form linked above, we'll collect some basic information about your business. There is no cost to participate.​

  • How will people find out about this?​

    • Traipse and Öl Dominion Beer and Exploration Club will be launching a campaign to tell the world about the fantastic beverages found in Virginia.

  • Is this a competition?​

    • No! The Traipse app is designed so that users explore at a leisurely pace, and they are actively encouraged to spend time at each location. There are no prizes for finishing quickly, and users can split the tour up into multiple trips if they want.​

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